It’s a long journey from my starting point to my desired finish line: to lose 130lbs before I’m 50 (2.5 years from now).  To keep me motivated and to celebrate along the way, I’ve been coming up with milestones that I’m going to be looking forward too.

I can’t wait until I can wear normal size clothing.  Right now I wear XX Large Tall — the “Tall” being the point of difficulty.  Without the tall, I end up with my belly hanging out the bottom of my shirt.  I’m not that tall, only 6′ 2″…it’s just that they don’t’ call it “extra belly”.   Because of this requirement, I have to shop at Big and Tall stores where clothes are more expensive.

I look forward to fitting comfortably in an airline seat.  When I look down, I’d like to be able to see my feet without having to lean forward.  Should a bit of food drop from my fork, I’d love for it to hit my lap, and not my belly.

Won’t it be great when I have to go buy some new clothes because I’ve lost so much weight?  I imagine it will be far easier to wear cloths that have gotten a little too big than my norm of feeling that constraint that comes from shirts and pants that have gotten too tight.

“Wow, you look great, have you lost weight?” – I can’t wait to hear someone say that.  My company has an annual conference where all the consultants attend — which comes around next in August.  It will be great to be 25 or so pounds lighter by then (thanks to my great boss for that milestone).

Of course there are all the numeric milestones…every 10 and 25 lbs of loss will be a time to celebrate.  

One of the keys to success is to begin with the end in mind.  I’ve been envisioning some very nice moments to come to keep me motivated.


It’s taken awhile, but Lee Loomis has finally been charged reports the Sacramento Bee:

Two Sacramento-area men were charged today by securities regulators with running a massive Ponzi scheme that might be the largest mortgage fraud case in the history of the region.

Read more here.

According to the quote in this story.

From the story:

FBI special agent Kathleen Nicolls said Loomis admitted the NARAS statements were false during an interview on August 15, eleven days before federal agents searched his Roseville offices and Granite Bay home. Agents hauled away hundreds of boxes of documents and dozens of computers.

During the August 15 interview with the FBI, Loomis admitted knowing Warren engaged in fraud while he worked for Loomis Wealth Solutions. But Loomis told investigators he never reported the fraud because he believed they were isolated incidents.

Poor Dad

Acting U.S. Attorney Larry Brown said Friday federal agents seized gold coins estimated to be worth $413,000 from a Phoenix safe deposit box belonging to former fugitive Christopher J. Warren of Sacramento, who fled the country in the face of a major fraud investigation.

fully story here.

Poor Dad

Kind of hard to keep up — but it appears that two of the three fugitives have been arrested,

Story here.

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Story here.

It’s turned into a real life horrific soap opera.

Poor Dad

According to this story.

This third person, the story alleges, was helping authorities build a case against Lee Loomis until he fled the country.

The Loomis attorney claims Loomis will be vindicated,

Of course — none of this comes to me via Lee Loomis.   I’m watching the news — just like anyone else.    Lee Loomis doesn’t even seem fit enough to send out emails to his “members”.

Poor Dad